Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Moving In

For new tenants moving into a villa or an apartment, the Utility Billing department needs to be notified in order to update your data in the system at least a day before the planned move in date. The new tenant will get the bills in his/her name and receive notices through email. This aids to proper information dissemination as bills along with important notices are correctly sent to residents.

The below steps must be followed:

1. With registration – A log in is created for the new tenant to view and pay bills, initiate requests online, bills and notices are sent to the registered email ID every month, and an option to activate “Go Green” bills to stop receiving paper bills monthly.

      a. Visit
      b. Provide documents as required, including a valid tenancy contract and identification documents.
      c. Confirm your details by clicking on the link sent through email generated from the system.
      d. Receive the Login details and start using the portal.

2. Without registration – Details of the new tenancy are updated in the system and the tenant will receive the bills and notices by email monthly. They will not have access to the website.

      a. Send an email to attaching a copy of the new tenancy contract with the contact details that includes an email and mobile number.
      b. Your details would be updated in the system and you will receive notifications on the email provided.

a) Only one account is maintained for each unit in the name of the owner, it is the responsibility of the tenant moving in to ensure their information is updated in the system and all dues are cleared by the owner.
b) The billing department takes no responsibility for collecting unpaid dues from owners when a new tenant moves in.
c) Final bills to be issued at the end of the tenancy term shall be billed and collected in full. No clearance will be provided for partial payments made.

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