Thursday, June 21, 2018

How do I pay my other bills?


1.      Visit

a.      Click on to ‘Login to your Account’ (Registered Users)

b.      Click on ‘Quick Bill Pay’ (New/ Non-registered Users)

2.      Choose ‘Other Payments’

3.      Choose your ‘Building Type’ ‘Residential’ or ‘Vendor’  

4.      Select your ‘Building’ (e.g Royal Breeze 4 or Townhouse)

5.      Select your ‘Apt/Villa number’ (e.g RB4-00-00 or T000/000)

6.      Fill in your ‘Name' and 'Email ID’ Payment receipt will be sent to this email

7.      Select ‘Other Payment Type’ from the dropdown list (e.g Community Management Fee or Maintenance. For more payment types, please see below list.)

8.      Fill in ‘Amount’

9.      Click ‘Pay’

10.  You will be directed to the payment details page to fill your credit/debit card details.

Once payment is successfully completed, you will receive automated receipt to your email. Please carefully select your Apt/Villa while doing the payment in order to avoid paying for wrong unit.
For issues while paying online, please send us screenshot of ‘Error page’ to or call us at 07 243 7721.

Payments for the following can be made through Other Payments Type
  • Access Card - Residents/Barriers/Parking Remote
  • Agency Fee - Rental
  • Agency Fee - Sales
  • Community Management Fee
  • Contractors Access Permit Fee
  • Documentation Fee for Title Deed
  • Electricity and Water Connection Charges
  • Events Sponsorship Agreement
  • FEWA Power Upgrade Charges
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Flyers/brochure distribution Fee
  • Hoarding Charges
  • Inspection Fee - Maintenance
  • Intima - Loyalty Program
  • Land Registration Fee
  • Landscaping charges
  • Late Opening Penalty
  • Late Payment Fees
  • Legal Fee
  • Lost Sale Agreement Fee
  • Maintenance Charges - Value Added Services
  • Maintenance Charges for requested jobs
  • Marketing Fees and Ads
  • Other Payments (Mention in details, for Example-Invoice number, Receipt number etc.)
  • Ownership Fee
  • Property Area Variation Payment
  • Property Modification Work Fee
  • Property Preventative Maintenance Contract
  • Property Purchase - Down Payment
  • Property Purchase - Final Payment
  • Property Purchase - Installment
  • Rent Installment
  • Rental Installment - REMS Units
  • Returned Cheque Fee
  • Security Deposit - Annual Community Fee
  • Security Deposit - Contractor Access to Village
  • Security Deposit - Others
  • Security Deposit - Property Modification
  • Security Deposit - Rental
  • Security Deposit - Utility
  • Service Charge
  • Short Term Rentals - Al Hamra Village Units
  • Short Term Rentals - Malls
  • Tenant Relations Management Fee
  • Title Deed Transfer Fee
  • Visa/License Cancellation Charges
  • Visa/License Processing Charges

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